Our organization has been formed keeping in view the need of all of us Kamdhenu brothers. The purpose of this organization is to solve all those issues together and benefit all the members. We hope that together we will not only achieve our objectives soon but also strive for greater heights.

  • Progressive development of the society is possible only when the development is in the hands of those who are going to benefit from the development.
  • The best way forward for us to maintain our leadership position in the dynamic market is to keep exploring technological innovation and better ways to achieve our goals.
  • Our methods change according to changing circumstances, but our aims and values should always remain the same.
  • Self-reliance is achieved only when everyone works together. They have an economic share and both are independent and accept responsibility for building and managing their own institutions.
  • Cooperation is the best form of enterprise. It gives the common man control over the resources which he himself creates in a democratic way.