• Selling of milk below the cost (not getting the rate of milk)
  • The arbitrariness of brokers in buying and selling animals
  • Lack of vocational training (both Kamdhenu owners and workers)
  • Lack of trained workers
  • Non-preparation of scientific records of animals
  • The ever-increasing sterility in cow/buffalo
  • Continuously expensive for cattle and fodder milk
  • Excessive brokerage and adulteration in fodder and ration
  • Non-delivery of claims by insurance companies to livestock owners
  • There is a huge problem of cattle ranchers in many places
  • Many times unreasonable demand and behavior by the bank
  • High mortality rate of children and problems in pregnancy

Request to Government

  • Ration card to animal husbandry for animal feed and ration (a system of cheap and adulterated ration)
  • Grant amount to be increased by 25 percent
  • The loan tenure should be up to 9 years
  • Kisan credit cards to cattle ranchers for dairy operations
  • More time should be given to animal shopping
  • The way sick industries get bail out package, we should also get the cattle farmers
  • Get the facilities of medicines and doctors completely free